Dream On


De droom als uitvlucht. “Ja, droom jij maar lekker door, ik weet wel beter” Terwijl de droom het natuurlijk veel beter weet. Een onderbewuste aflevering van NoBorder. Geen stemverheffingen of luide geluiden maar The Velvet Underground is nooit ver weg.



Fiction  - Belle and Sebastian

Chestnut Sunday - The Miserable Rich

Lithonia”- Circuit Des Yeux

Vanishing Act  - Lou Reed

Reflections After Jane-The Clientele

Big Bird in a Small Cage- Patrick Watson

POV Waltz - Emilie Mover

Petit Point - Harry Nilsson & Jon Brion

Lost Without You - Randy Newman

The Day Before You Came - Benny Andersson

Strong Swimmer - Mutual Benefi

Monday’s rain - The Clientele

Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan

Everyone You Meet - The Clientele

They Were Wrong - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Braided Hair -Giant Leap

Sweet Nothings - Carter


In this early silent film the character and world of Little Nemo is created. The artist discusses his drawing with his friends and draws a few while they are present. He then promises to create 4000 pictures to create an animated moving picture by the end of the month. He has a few setbacks when a kid knocks all the pictures over and they have to figure out the order of the pictures again. Eventually he plays the final film for his friends.