The Original Soundtrack

Muziek voor een niet bestaande film.




He is a bespectacled man in his thirties, hale but somewhat

bookish. He stands, tuxedoed, in the wings of a theater,

looking out at the stage, listening intently to end of a



In the shadows behind him an old stagehand leans against a

flat, expressionlessly smoking a cigarette, one hand on a

thick rope that hangs from the ceiling.


The voices of the performing actors echo in from the offscreen




I’m blowin’ out of here, blowin’ for

good. I’m kissin’ it all goodbye,

these four stinkin’ walls, the six

flights up, the el that roars by at

three A.M. like a castiron wind.

Kiss ‘em goodbye for me, Maury!

I’ll miss ‘em – like hell I will!


Of verzin je eigen verhaal!